Personalised fitness program 3 month With follow up



Custom workout plan with tracking

Following a gym workout plan is good
Following a personalized gym workout plan is better
Following a personalized sports program with tracking is EVEN better
This is the promise of this fitness plan, to support you in your progress. After having created a tailor-made gym workout schedule for you, we will adapt the fitness program according to your evolution but also to your feelings throughout the 3 months. You will be supervised by a professional online coach from A to Z. With this gym workout program, the results are guaranteed. The purchase of this fitness plan gives you access to videos made by me for each exercise in your program, on how to perform the exercise perfectly, without risk of injury and to allow you optimal growth. All from several angles and accompanied by a clear and concise explanation. As a personal trainer, I know how to perform each movement in the best way, you won’t have to copy what « Instagram coachs » say no more. So no more excuses, if you want to be unrecognizable in 3 months, it starts today.

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