Personalized Fitness program Without follow up



Would you like to start bodybuilding seriously, get real results quickly and without risking injury?
Or maybe you are not a beginner but you are stagnating, or you would like to take your practice to a higher level?
If you are not afraid to start a gym workout plan adapted to your objectives, your experience, your schedule, your background and even your morphology, then you are at the right place.
Together we will create the perfect fitness program for you. And there is no way I’ll leave you with just a pdf, you will have access to execution videos for each movement, produced by myself, online coach for weight loss and bulking/mass gain, accompanied by explanation, to ensure a good execution of movements and avoid injury. Whether you want a gym workout routine for mass gain or weigh/fat loss, I can assure you that in 3 months no one will recognize you. So start today, and change forever.

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